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The Modern Legal Experience

The Remote Legal Court Reporting mission is to modernize the legal experience. The American justice system has long been defined by drawn out in person court house proceedings. Relics such as grandiose court house steps, law clerks and court reporters have embodied our historic and traditional legal experience. The time has come for our legal system to progress into 21st century life. Access to justice must no longer be governed by a party’s presence at a court house, but rather, it must be made more efficient through modern technologies. Depositions, mediations, arbitrations and EUOs, any time, any place, in any language.

The implementation of our efficient technology solutions has modernized legal proceedings; Remote Legal Court Reporting’s mission is not only to modernize court reporting but to embed these court reporting solutions into a broader technology-enabled litigation platform that drives long-needed lawyer efficiency and reduce hard litigation costs for legal clients. Our technology solutions will yield access to justice.

Management Team

Brandon Greenblatt


Lance Zacker

VP of Business Development

Nick West

VP of Customer Success

Wahed Khan


Susan LaPooh

Director of Testimony Capture

Board of Directors

Bill Greenblatt

Board Member

Mark Jennings

Board Member

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