Strategize, organize, and streamline how exhibits are controlled throughout the deposition process.

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Preload, manage, and distribute exhibits ahead of the deposition to your team privately and with the opposing counsel when desired.


Organize all work product in one portal, carrying over documents from one deposition to the next.


Spend time preparing for the deposition, not pre-marking exhibits.

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The Deposition

Lead the deposition more organically and strategically, showing, marking, and renaming exhibits as needed.


Allow participants to view, control, interact, and annotate exhibits at their own pace on their own screen, as if it were a courtesy copy – a more natural experience compared to fixed screen shares.


Use the Bring All To Me feature to bring all participants to a specific part of an exhibit to focus on.


Don’t waste time hunting for marked exhibits; they instantly become the officially recorded exhibits and are automatically distributed to the appropriate parties at the conclusion of the deposition.


Grant all parties access to exhibits at any time through their personal portal.

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