A Single Source Solution for Remote Depositions

A Single Source Solution for Remote Depositions

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A Platform that Works for You

Finally, a purpose-built remote deposition platform that’s easy to use with the features and security attorneys want - without all the hassle, limitations and expense of other solutions.

Remote Legal includes everything at one price based on the hours on record. No lengthy set-up process. No add-on features. No fine print.

Just modern technology and expert remote court reporters to help you conduct an efficient and pleasant Remote Legal court proceeding.

What You Get

With Remote Legal, you get every element of a deposition bundled together for one price.

  • Electronic or Digital Reporters who serve as videographer, tech expert and notary
  • Pre-loadable exhibit storage you keep private until ready to share
  • Instant, on-the-fly exhibit uploading
  • Live exhibit marking, annotating and witness initialing
  • Timestamped witness video capture in HD, available immediately after deposition
  • Secure side bar rooms for private client conversations
  • Instant, live voice-to-text stream
  • Customizable video layout
  • Picture-in-Picture video
  • Screen sharing
  • Fast, free, searchable, AI-transcribed rough drafts
  • Transcript-Video sync
  • Complete, accurate Certified Transcript within 5-7 days, if needed
  • Interpretation & translation by certified and accredited interpreters
  • Transcript-less depositions
  • Examinations under oath
  • Automatic notifications
  • Security & compliance via an encrypted network, storage and streaming services

What You Don’t Get

  • The hassles of downloading and installing new software
  • The frustration of having to set up your account prior to the deposition
  • Technical issues you have to troubleshoot
  • Additional costs for certain features

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Remote Legal

Let us show you how streamlined and high-quality remote legal proceedings can be.