How Remote Depositions Are Changing the Landscape for Legal Videography

If depositions are part of your legal practice, you know how crucial they are to case outcomes. Therefore, you must adjust accordingly to the evolution of depositions in recent years. Traditionally, depositions were held in person.  But now, you can do video depositions remotely. In fairness, the statutory provisions permitting remote depositions have been around…

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Are You Picking the Right Remote Deposition Service?

Remote deposition services have become increasingly essential to the legal industry over the past several years. While remote depositions were not previously unheard of, a combination of considerable technological advancements and the population’s changing needs during the pandemic caused remote depositions to explode. During the pandemic, around 90% of depositions took place remotely. Even as…

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tips for remote depositions

5 Top Tips for Remote Depositions:

The recent pandemic changed the way we live and work. No place is this more relevant than the courts. Both criminal and civil courts faced challenges on all fronts, especially with in-person depositions.  Social distancing to protect against the spread of COVID-19 made in-person appearances virtually impossible. As a result, court calendars experienced unprecedented backlogs…

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how to prepare to take a deposition

How to Prepare to Take a Deposition Remotely

In litigation, depositions play a crucial part in the discovery phase. Traditionally, depositions have taken place in one location where all the parties can go and be in the same room. However, things have changed over the last two years, and now you need to know how to prepare to take a deposition remotely, using…

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preparing your client for remote deposition

Preparing Your Client for a Remote Deposition

The last few years have brought challenges to the legal community. Due in large part to the Covid pandemic, attorneys and their clients have needed to conduct depositions without meeting in person.  Enter remote depositions, now a common phrase in the legal community. Technological advances in this area encouraged a tremendous shift in legal procedure.…

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