Remote Depositions in a Post-Covid World

What started as an emergency development has now become a critical part of the legal infrastructure. Remote depositions, formerly somewhat rare and limited tools for times of absolute necessity, have now flourished in a hybrid world where efficiency and flexibility are essential.  As a leading expert explained to the American Bar Association, lawfirms are acting…

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Technical Requirements for a Remote Deposition

Remote depositions are now an immovable fact of life in the legal world. While they’ve really been around on the federal level for decades, the marriage of improving tech and necessity has recently made remote depositions standard procedure for law firms of any size. The ability to utilize today’s top legal technology gives these firms…

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Online Deposition Features Attorneys Need

A deposition is an effective method for gathering evidence for a trial. Deposition testimony is so significant that witnesses were required to provide their testimony remotely to keep proceedings going during the pandemic lockdown.  In fact, it’s believed that 90% of depositions were online at the height of the pandemic. Online depositions are quickly becoming…

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When Do You Need Certified Legal Video Services?

With so many communication platforms currently available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one will offer the best option for your needs. Many modern legal proceedings have shifted to virtual options that are less time-consuming and can present less overall risk to everyone participating in them. As the legal system turns…

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