Pros and Cons of Recording Zoom Depositions

Virtual depositions are becoming more and more common every day. With the rise of digital video conferencing platforms, attorneys can conduct depositions remotely without the need to go through time-consuming commutes.  But this raises a lot of questions, like are Zoom depositions admissible in court? What are the risks that might arise when recording Zoom…

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virtual deposition services

Virtual Deposition Services: What You Need to Know

Two years in, Covid-19 continues to upend life as we previously knew it. All business sectors have been substantially impacted and changed, and the landscape of the civil justice system is no exception. When lockdowns halted state and federal legal proceedings overnight, attorneys and jurisdictions needed to find a solution. Enter virtual deposition services. Virtual…

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What Are Deposition Services?

Depositions are commonly an essential and critical component of the litigation process. A deposition is a procedure in which attorneys obtain evidence for a case. The deponent (witness) being questioned may share information via their description of events or as an expert witness. The deponent is under oath and questioned by the “taking” attorney. But…

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