What Is Remote Deposition Software?

Depositions are an essential part of the discovery process of any litigation case. Discovering the truth can sometimes be a tedious task. Therefore, it’s critical to take notes at deposition, keep verbatim records for future reference, and have access to exhibits and relevant documents. Remote deposition software helps legal professionals conduct secure, remote depositions more efficiently with all the necessary tools built specifically for legal proceedings.

Artificial intelligence helps make this possible by transcribing voice to text in a remarkably accurate way, even time-stamping fields useful for digital court reporting. The software presents a rough draft of the deposition immediately, with a certified transcript available just days later. 

You can search for certain terms or topics, linking the transcript to the video and vice versa, as well as get metrics such as the amount of time spent on each topic by an individual deponent or by all deponents combined.

If you didn’t know remote deposition software exists, then welcome to this space. This article introduces you to the software and how AI (Artificial Intelligence) has improved deposition transcript delivery compared to manual methods. 

AI-Based Software Vs. Manual Transcription Methods

Deposition transcripts should be accurate and kept secure to be admissible in court. A court reporter, also known as a stenographer, converts speech into text during legal proceedings such as depositions. They serve as the “Keeper of Record.”

The transcription process is not simple, though. Sometimes, the video and audio files are several hours long. Thus, they demand more time and exceptional skills. That means, if you’re a lawyer, you’ll have to wait for long before the transcribed records are available.

However, an advanced platform that leverages AI technology ensures the information will be available faster so you can adequately prepare for a case. It will also offer you a more enabled experience and demand fewer resources.

How Does the Software Work?

When you try to summarize a deposition, manually entering the time-stamps for each statement is a near-impossible task. Although other deposition transcription services are available, they charge exorbitant rates and have turnaround times of weeks. 

Remote deposition software cuts down the time it takes to get a rough deposition and does away with the need for legal transcription services. There’s also no need for physical cameras and in-person legal videography. 

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Do you need a video of the witness? The software usually comes with video capture to record the proceeding and produce a timestamped, witness-only HD quality video. Every word, facial expression, emotion, and hand sign are captured so you can thoroughly analyze it later.

How Accurate Is It?

The AI-based software converts the witness’s spoken word to text instantly. This, plus the timestamped HD quality video, allows you to follow the deposition session without missing anything. You get a picture-in-picture video making it possible to see the witness speaking and the exhibits simultaneously. 

If any of the participants in the deposition don’t speak or understand English, a team of professional interpreters can help. Just make sure the solution you choose has interpreters with extensive legal experience who are ISO certified and accredited by reputable organizations such as ATA, ITI, and CCIA.

Court reporting professionals ensure the proceeding is completely and accurately recorded by utilizing technology. And with remote deposition software, everything will be recorded and accurately transcribed. Some solutions will make the rough draft available immediately after the deposition is over. The efficient technology also allows the Certified Transcripts to be prepared and delivered within days.

Benefits of Remote Deposition Software

There can be many benefits of remote deposition software, but realizing them depends on the solution you choose. These are some of the potential ones you should discuss with any candidate provider.

Get a Transcript Quickly 

Getting a rough transcript of a deposition is quick and can be completed in a matter of minutes and is often all that is needed. If you require a certified transcript, you don’t have to wait several weeks or months, but depending on your provider, you can get it in 10 days or less. 

Identify the Important Parts of a Deposition

With remote deposition software, you can easily identify the important topics or areas brought up in the deposition. This helps you to focus on those areas during the trial and saves time trying to find what you’re looking for.

Ensure Verbatim Record of a Deposition

This software should create a word-for-word record of the proceedings, during which you can read up on any portion or topic without having to flip through numerous pages.

Synced with Video Files

An important feature to look for is automatic sync with video files to make tracking changes made to the transcripts simpler. It guarantees that every word, punctuation mark, and even formatting is correct. The video also helps lawyers and judges jump straight to the relevant portions in the deposition.

Verbatim Reporting of the Proceedings

The remote deposition software must allow you to make corrections to the transcripts. Your transcript must be guaranteed as 100% accurate and verbatim with what was said during court proceedings.

Easily Search for Keywords Within a Deposition Transcript

This feature is handy in searching for any keywords that are relevant to your case. With the keywords, you can effortlessly search for any specific part of the deposition transcript.

Save Space and Time While Storing Deposition Transcripts

Modern software allows users to store the entire deposition on their computer and save space by encrypting video files. You want to be able to do this with one click to save both time and space.

Share Documents With Your Teammates

It’s easy to share documents such as exhibits with your teammates or other members of the group. After loading the exhibits in your folder, you can invite your co-workers to the download center, where they can access the documents they need on demand. 

Software Features 

Capture Witness Video

The software uses digital technology to capture and create a timestamped HD quality witness video.

Preload Exhibits

You can preload exhibits into your folder before the deposition. The documents are private, and other members can’t access them until you distribute them to the group.

Load Exhibits During Deposition

If you missed or forgot to load an exhibit, you can do so during the deposition by uploading  the file into the folder on the fly.

Side Bar Rooms

Whenever something comes up, and you need to talk or discuss it with your client, you can use the secured and lockable side bar rooms without worrying about someone listening in on your conversation.

Mark and Annotate Exhibits During Live Depositions

If there’s an exhibit that requires the witness’s signature, highlight, or annotation, they can easily do so after you or the court reporter allows them.

Get Remote Deposition Software and Summarize Your Transcripts with Ease

When working with deposition records, making your work easier and more efficient is essential. Remote Legal provides you with high-quality, remote deposition software that is packed with features that make it feel like an in-person proceeding.

Our goal is to ensure lawyers and other legal professionals can efficiently work on their cases without having to spend too much time and resources. We’ll provide a remote deposition platform and expert court reporter, the video synced to the transcripts, exhibits, rough draft, certified transcript, and an unmatched platform experience. You’ll be able to download the finished products, and if they need any adjustments like editing, you can work on it locally.

Even if your deposition doesn’t require a certified transcript, we’ll still work with you to conduct the deposition, capture the audio and video record, and provide the complete transcription when you need it. You’ll only pay for what you need.

Ready to see how remote deposition software works and make your transcription work easy and convenient? Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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